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Elev Global Supreme Vitamins, 60 tablet(s), Unflavoured



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Elev Global Supreme Vitamins, 60 tablet(s) Unflavoured

Q1.  What should one consider before purchasing multivitamins? 
If a specific multivitamins worked for your friend, this doesn’t mean that it will work for you too. Only the right amount of the right multivitamin supplements will have a positive impact on your health.
There is a list of the essential things, you should consider while buying multivitamins:
  1. Multivitamin supplements should be effective and safe. One should follow these both metrics for the best quality of supplements, before buying multivitamins.
  2. There are varieties of multivitamin supplements available in the market from powder, chewable to tablets forms. Choosing from such a wide range of forms can be confusing for anyone. People with digestion issues should go for powder or chewable form of supplements.
  3. Don’t go behind everybody’s suggestion when it comes to buying multivitamins. First study the potential pros and cons of multivitamin supplements and become aware of  any allergic substance for you, present in the supplement.
  4. Active forms of nutrients can easily get absorbed. So, before buying multivitamins, look  for activated form of nutrients.
  5. Calcium interferes with iron’s absorption. So, avoid multivitamin formula which contains both iron and calcium.
  6. Body uses active form of folic acid which is 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. Due to genetic mutation, folic  acids stop getting  converted into active form. So, it is better to take natural folate rather than folic acid for them.
  7. If one is under medication, then taking multivitamins can expose one to various health issues.
  8. Consult the doctor if one is thinking to buy herbal supplements.
2. Where to buy the best quality multivitamins? 
If one is looking for authentic, reliable, and certified online supplement marketplace, HealthKart is one’s go-to destination. HealthKart is the leading sports and health nutritional online supplement store in India with a wide range of products from domestic to international brands. In case one is not satisfied with the product, HealthKart provides secure exchange offers and 14 days return policy.
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Elev Global



Veg / Non-Veg







Energy,Well Being


60 Tablets

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Molecules Hub

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Elev Global

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