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One Science 100% Iso Gold Whey Protein Isolate 5lb



Key Points:

  • Unique Formulation: Made from “Grass-fed Whey”, a unique Blend of Isolate whey and Hydrolyzed whey.
  • Low in Fat: Iso Gold Whey is low in fat and also Helps you gain muscle and burn body fat.
  • Easy Digestion : Provides you with 5.3 Gms L-Glutamine per serving
  • High Protein Intake : 27 gram High Quality Protein per Serving



Whey protein is one of the highest qualities of protein that we can incorporate into our diet. Our all-natural ISO Gold Protein provides you with 27 grams of pure protein per serving. It is derived from the milk of cows that are fed naturally with grass rather than grains. Thus, making it more nutritional and healthy.

Benefits of OSN ISO Gold Protein:

Incorporating OSN ISO Gold Protein in your diet can be very beneficial. It helps in supporting lean muscle, promoting a positive nitrogen balance, and maintaining and repairing bones. It also helps you to gain muscles and burn your body fat.

Our ISO-Gold Protein provides you with 6.4 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that help you to build your muscles and improve your strength. This protein supplement is the product of our avant-garde technology and our passion for providing the finest sports nutrition products.

How should you take it?

You should take 30 grams of OSN ISO Gold Protein with 300 ml of water, milk or any other liquid after your workout. As it gets digested by the body fairly quickly and thus helps you to recover instantly. It is also available in different palatable flavours to satisfy your taste buds while keeping you robust and healthy.

Additional information


One Science


Banana Split, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Charge, Cookies Crunch, Cranberry Pie, Just Banana, Neapolitan Ice Cream


5 lb

Veg / Non-Veg


Number of Servings


Serving Size


Weight (kg)



Muscle Recovery





Importer Name

Muscle House India (MHI)

Manufacturer Name

Scitec Ltd.

Country of Origin

Europe, Hungary


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