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Dymatize ISO 100 Protein, 5lb



Key Features:

  • Dymatize iso 100 contains 25 grams of hydrolyzed 100% whey protein isolate
  • It also provide you 5.5 grams of BCAAs and 2.7 grams of L-Leucine
  • Dymatize iso contains Less than 1 gram of Fat and Sugar
  • Gluten Free and Lactose Free


Dymatize Iso-100 Protein,5 lb

The all-new Dymatize Iso-100 Protein 5 lb is an advanced whey protein formula that contains 100% hydrolysed whey protein isolate as its protein source. It meets the superior protein needs of fitness enthusiasts and advanced bodybuilders because it delivers 25g of fast-acting whey protein isolates per 30g serving, which aids in quick absorption and digestion of protein. Each serving comes with hydrolysed whey protein isolate which ensures bodybuilding enthusiasts to gain lean muscles effectively.

Benefits of Consuming Dymatize Iso-100 Protein, 5 lb

100% Whey Protein Isolate

Dymatize Iso-100 Protein 5 lb comes with 100% whey protein isolate which has been hydrolysed for faster absorption and digestion. Whey protein isolate is the purest and premium form of protein that helps in performing intense workout sessions and reduces fatigue.

Rich Amino Acid Profile

Dymatize Iso-100 Protein 5 lb delivers 5.5g of branched-chain amino acids including 2.7g of leucine which helps in quick muscle recovery. Loaded with leucine, this dietary supplement helps to fuel muscle synthesis and enhances fatigue threshold.

Good for lactose-sensitive individuals

This supplement is free of gluten and lactose, which makes it an ideal protein supplement for those who are sensitive to lactose.

Quality at Its Finest

Dymatize Iso-100 Protein is one of the purest proteins available which is produced in their own GMP manufacturing facility and is Sports certified, which provides assurance to all the fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders that this protein supplement is free of banned substances.


Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Beet Powder (For color), Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Sucralose, Steviol Glycosides (Stevia)

Contains: Milk and Soy

Directions to use

Add one scoop of Dymatize Iso-100 Protein 5 lb to 5-6 oz. (150ml – 180ml) of milk, water or juice and mix thoroughly. For supreme results, use before and/or post workouts daily.


Q. What is Dymatize ISO 100 Protein?

Dymatize ISO 100 Protein is a dietary supplement which provides 100% rich in quality whey protein isolate which is the purest form of protein with more than 90% protein concentration. With 25g of high quality protein per 30g serving, this whey protein supplement assists to maximize muscle gain and quick muscle recovery in fitness enthusiasts.

Q. Why do you need to use Dymatize Iso-100 Protein?

Dymatize Iso-100 Protein comes packed with 25g of whey protein isolate, the purest form of protein in 30g serving. With 5.5g of BCAAs which includes 2.7g of leucine, this supplement helps you to perform your rigorous workout sessions better than before and improves your fatigue threshold. It also helps in superior muscle recovery and maximises lean muscle gain.

Q. Who should use Dymatize Iso-100 Protein?

Dymatize Iso-100 Protein can be consumed by any fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder or individual looking to gain lean muscle. This supplement comes loaded with 100% whey protein isolate as its primary protein source which is the most premium and purest form of protein. Lactose intolerant individuals can also consume Dymatize Iso-100 Protein as it contains hydrolysed whey protein isolate. Though you can consume this supplement even if you are lactose intolerant, but we recommend you to consult your nutritionist before consuming this supplement.

Q. Where can you buy Dymatize Iso-100 Protein? offers a wide variety of healthcare and fitness supplements online in India. Whether you are looking for Iso-100 hydrolyzed, Iso-100 whey protein, bcaa powdercalcium, vitamins and minerals supplements or any other nutritional supplement, Nutritionshoppe has covered it all for you! So, buy Dymatize Iso-100 Protein online in India on at the convenience of your home at lucrative prices.

Also, all its variants are available in 5 lb, 3 lb and 1.6 lb packaging and it comes in so many delicious flavours such as strawberry, chocolate coconut, chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon bun, cookies & cream, fudge brownie, gourmet chocolate, gourmet vanilla, natural vanilla, orange dreamsicle and smooth banana.

Q. How is Dymatize Iso-100 Protein better than other whey protein supplements?

Dymatize Iso-100 Protein delivers 25g of whey protein isolate, the purest and most premium whey protein per 30g serving. Also, this supplement comes fortified with 5.5g of branched-chain amino acids, including 2.7g of Leucine per serving which assists in quick absorption and digestion of proteins and helps to reduce fatigue. It even helps to speed up the muscle recovery process.

Q. What is the recommended serving of Dymatize Iso-100 Protein?

You can consume 1 rounded scoop of Dymatize Iso-100 Protein 5 lb to 5-6 oz. (150ml – 180ml) of juice, water or milk and blend the shake. For supreme results, consume this supplement before and/or after workouts or as directed by your nutritionist.

Q. Can people who are Lactose Intolerant consume Dymatize Iso-100 Protein?

Yes. Dymatize Iso-100 Protein can be consumed by lactose intolerant people as it comes packed with lactose free whey isolate protein which makes it an ideal protein supplement for people who are lactose intolerant.

Additional information




Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Bun, Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, Gourmet Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, Range Dreamsicle, Smooth Banana

Veg / Non-Veg







Lean Muscle Mass

Number of Servings


Servings Size

30 g

Weight (kg)


Importer Name

Muscle House India (MHI)

Manufacturer Name

Dymatize Enterprises LLC.

Country of Origin





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